About Coregrounds

Welcome to the Coregrounds: unique tower defense gameplay meets the strategic diversity of a MOBA in this competive strategy indie game with cross-platform multiplayer.

  • Play to win, pay to skin
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Endless strategies: play it your way!
  • Beat 100 levels of vicious bots
  • Play against friends in private matches
  • Climb the Scoregrounds in ranked matches
  • Unlock dozens of minions, towers and abilities
  • Modify your units and draft the perfect build
  • Unlock colors, skins, backgrounds and customize your Coregrounds
  • Complete more than 100 achievements

Project History & Facts

After working on the concept for the game for two years, Mario "ehmprah" Kaiser built a proof-of-concept version of Coregrounds for half a year and released it by the end of 2015. Together with a small community the core gameplay was evolved and battle-tested before Mario teamed up with Dominic "DNKpp" Koepke to level up the technology behind Coregrounds. The all-new version of Coregrounds is scheduled for a 2018 release on Steam and the app stores.


  • Mario "ehmprah" Kaiser, Creator & Code
  • Dominic "DNKpp" Koepke, Code
  • Simon "scukl" Bäse, Special Advisor
  • John William Waters, Unit Art
  • Michael Champion, Music


Mario Kaiser, info@coregrounds.com, +49 30 - 231 300 36