Patch Notes 1.0.6: MOAR Experience!

by ehmprah about 4 months ago
screen new menu.PNG
  • We halved the prices for all cordium packages. To give back to early supporters, we have retroactively TRIPLED the rewards all purchases made so far. So if you haven't purchased Cordium so far, you can now do so at half the price. If you did, you now have three times the value for your money.
  • Added the "Training Grounds" to the home screen, where we'll list tutorial and strategy videos by us and the community. If you've made an (english) tutorial, send it our way!
  • Added profanity filter for nicknames
  • Added new side menu and cleaned up the home screen
  • The LobbyBot on our Discord no longer posts in the #matchmaking channel, but the newly created #queues channel. The #matchmaking channel should be used only by humans looking for a match.
  • Matchmaking is now locked until players are level 3
  • Added additional screen to the tutorial explaining the XP system
  • Cores are now rendered above units, making core health more visible


  • Increased XP per second from 0.4 to 1
  • Increased XP bonus for units from 2% to 3% per level
  • CORE now does 15 damage per second to adjacent enemies.
  • DEFLECTOR increased spawn speed from 0.071 to 0.085
  • TANK increased base health from 350 to 400
  • PHASER increased damage from 100 to 110
  • PHASER reduced incoming XP from 80% to 50%
  • CHAKRAM reduced damage from 120 to 110
  • CHAKRAM reduced attack speed from 0.166 to 0.15
  • Tower death cooldown increased from 7 to 10 seconds


  • Added missing click sound for news and video on the home screen
  • Fixed missing "Heart of Gold" icon for the indie supporter package
  • Added missing close button when starting Cordium transaction
  • The continue button at the end of the game no longer competes with towers below