Patch Notes 1.0.5: Growing roots!

by ehmprah about 5 months ago

Our community on Discord has been very active and keeps coming up with more ideas than we have time to implement! Tauntos for example had the idea for a ROOT ability, which we implemented with this patch (we have unlocked this one for you, Tauntos). We also want to thank BOB, Shurutsue, Titan, Lotus and everyone else for your suggestions. This patch is all yours!

New Ability

  • ROOT ability: Enemies hit cannot move for 5s. 75s cooldown.


  • NOOB PROTECTION Until you're level 3, you'll only be matchmade with other newbies below level 3.
  • During the draft and in the game guide you now see against which other units a unit is particularly weak or strong
  • Reduced the minimum time you have to spend in the queue before the cross-regional matchmaking kicks in from 360 to 30 seconds
  • Cross-regional is now turned on by default for new players
  • Private matches no longer count towards the casual leaderboard
  • PVP matches now yield 20% more credits and experience than bot matches
  • Fixed wrong duration in lifelink description


  • Increased SNIPER range from 1.6 to 1.7 tiles
  • Decreased SUNBEAM range from 1.8 to 1.6 tiles
  • Decreased SUNBEAM damage from 96 to 64
  • Increased IONSTRIKE cooldown from 75s to 90s
  • CHAKRAM gets no xp bonus on attack speed and damage anymore

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