Patch Notes 1.0.4: Onboarding Galore!

by ehmprah about 6 months ago

New features and things

  • The SUNBEAM has returned to the Coregrounds!
  • Added link to game guide on unlock screens
  • Added invitation to join #matchmaking channel in the matchmaking menu
  • The #matchmaking channel will be notified when players join the queue
  • We've unlocked the "Good Game" and "Good Luck, Have Fun" emotes for everyone, just because we're nice and the Coregrounds should be as well!
  • We've added the ALT/CTRL/SHIFT + 1-6 shortcut. You can now press ALT + 1-6 to upgrade and CTRL/SHIFT + 1-6 to spawn.
  • Last patch, we added a new onboarding process which allows all new players to choose 3 free modifications to get started. We added more free stuff in this patch: all new players get a free tower, minion and ability at the start. All existing players have been granted 4500 credits in compensation.
  • Improved onboarding flow: we added another info screen and reduced the steps to start the first match.
  • Added tip bubbles at the start of a match prompting you to build walls, build towers and spawn minions.

Less buggy things

  • Fixed bug where you could earn the rush achievement when losing
  • The farsight icon now has opacity on the map for better visibility
  • Fixed bug where the UI could get locked at the end of a game
  • Fixed ingame emote positions for the right side player

Balanced things

  • Decreased DYNABLASTER cooldown from 300 to 180 seconds
  • Decreased LIFELINK effect duration from 10 to 7 seconds
  • Reworked REPEATER damage from 40/60/75/85/90 to 35/40/50/65/85