Patch Notes 1.0.3: All aboard

by ehmprah about 6 months ago

This is the first big patch since the Steam Early Access release and focuses on the onboarding for new users, adds new content and quality of life changes and rounded up with some balancing!

Such new stuffs! Many content! Wow!

  • Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL + Click on a minion factory will spawn it
  • Keyboard Shortcut: ALT + Click on unit factory upgrades the lowest stat
  • Modification: +2% Attack Speed (Global)
  • Modification: +2% Damage (Global)
  • Modification: +2% Health (Global)
  • Modification: +2% Thorns (Global)
  • Modification: +5% Vision Range (Global)
  • Ability: DYNABLASTER. Destroy any wall and all edge adjacent walls after 1s. 300s cooldown (see GIF at the top).

It's the little things

  • Reworked the onboarding experience for new users; all new users get 3 free modifications during the new onboarding process to fill their first mod page before their first game. All existing players have been granted 3000 credits, yay!
  • When a match starts, a notification sound is played, the window is focused and the window title is changed. If you have to wait in queue, you can do different things now without missing the start of the match!
  • Updated global target icon
  • During the ban phase, all units are shown in grey
  • During the pick phase, the daily free picks are highlighted
  • Added minion drop animation when using the spacebar to spawn

Giant bugs squatted

  • Fixed bug where microtransactions could not be completed
  • Modification bonuses are now properly applied ingame
  • Streamlined the account name validation between webservice and game client. It is no longer possible to create usernames with invalid characters, which would lead to error messages down the road.
  • Fixed bug where closing the achievement notification closed the match history as well
  • Pressing spacebar without any minions to spawn no longer makes the spawn sound
  • Fixed bug where the time left when selecting a modification page was only shown for players with more than one page
  • Pressing ENTER when editing a modification page now properly saves it
  • When joining a private match, the input field is automatically focused and you can submit with ENTER
  • HEALER and HEALRAY no longer target themselves


  • Increased free walls at the start of a match from 7 to 9
  • Increased XP for tower kills from 50 to 75
  • Increased XP per second from 0.3 to 0.4
  • ADRENALINE no longer benefits from the 1.5 healing modifier on cores