Coregrounds needs you!

by ehmprah about 6 months ago

Fist designed by Freepik

You like Coregrounds? You're wondering what you can do to help it grow? I've compiled a little list of things YOU can do to help Coregrounds get off the ground!

  • write a message to your favorite game sites, streamers, let's players and tell them about Coregrounds
  • write nice review on steam
  • upvote good steam reviews and downvote ones that didn't get the game
  • tell your gamer friends and challenge them to a private match
  • share coregrounds on social media (see presskit for links and more)
  • post coregrounds in forums or other communities you're active in
  • share the match summaries you're most proud of
  • got special skills? use them! (Titan for example built a beautiful microsite)
  • buy cordium to help us pay the server costs

We're working very hard at the moment to get Coregrounds in front of people – but we can't do it without your help! If you think Coregrounds has potential, help us fulfil it!