Release delayed, but soon

by nolife Nekh about 5 months ago
Roughly three months ago we've written a blog post about how we're most probably going to release Coregrounds for Windows and Linux in the second quarter. While we've been quite busy and hard at work on the game, we're not even close yet, to be honest. Read more ...

Dev Blog: Release Estimate

by nolife Nekh about 8 months ago
Unfortunately the release will be delayed to Q2/2107. But this dev blog contains a preview of the redesigned app and the first story fragment, so go read on for details! Read more ...

Dev Blog & Sneak Peak

by nolife Nekh about 10 months ago
THE SILENT TREATMENT It's been ages since we've written a blog post or posted updates on social networks. Some or our dearest fans were even starting to call Coregrounds dead; even though I can assure you it's quite the oppsite, we can't blame you for thinking so, given the lack of information about the development progress over the past months. We're sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long, and we promise to be better in the future! Read more ...

Kickstarter failed, but you can still get the rewards

by nolife Nekh about one year ago
Good news everyone! The Kickstarter campaign is over and unfortunately, we've not been funded. How's that good news you ask? The good news is that even though we didn't get the redesign funded, we're motivated more than ever to finish Coregrounds and make it the best game it can possibly be. The Kickstarter campaign and all the promotion around it didn't go viral and that's ok, it can't work for everyone. Read more ...

Kickstarter YouTube Challenge Completed!

by nolife Nekh about one year ago
Good news everyone! Knappe8 and H8 , two veteran Coregrounds players, have successfully completed the special YouTube challenge on our Kickstarter , where they had to win the first 20 matches on a completely new account and upload their gameplay as proof on YouTube. You can find the account's match history here . And you speak german, you can watch them play below and pick up some of the knowledge they're dropping along the way! Read more ...

Precap: Version 1.0

by nolife Nekh about one year ago
Last autumn, we had a new patch out basically every week and worked a lot on the balancing and on releasing new units. For different reasons, we started crafting fewer and bigger patches this year, but we were still doing the same thing: balancing, new units and the odd rework or redesign. It wasn't until the Berlin Gamesweek that we've fully realized that the core gameplay is awesome enough for now, and that there are other parts of the game that need some love. Read more ...

Lessons learned from Gamesweek Berlin

by nolife Nekh about one year ago
Oh what a week the Berlin Gamesweek 2016 was! Apart from meeting tons of awesome people all over the gamesweek, we also learned a lot about our game and its strengths and weaknesses. Read more ...
Shiny new stuff!

The Visual Update

by nolife Nekh about one year ago
It's been almost a month since the last patch to the Coregrounds. I haven't done much in terms of game development over the last weeks, but I've been very busy nonetheless and I wanted to share the progress with you. Also, I've released a little visual update to the Coregrounds and included a few important balancing changes and bugfixes. Read more ...
Walls, XP, AI, UX and more!

Patch Notes 0.9.20

by nolife Nekh about one year ago
Good news everyone! It's been a while since the last patch, but as promised, this one's a biggie. Apart from two new towers, two new minions and one new ability, we've reworked the wall building system, the xp system, the AI, improved the user experience and did some balancing. Read more ...
New unit & ability and much more

Patch Notes 0.9.19

by nolife Nekh about one year ago
There was no patch last week: but therefore this one is way bigger! We've got a new unit, a new ability, new and updated colors, new and updated achievements and a lot of balancing changes and a few bugfixes as usual. Read more ...