Advanced Cheat Sheet

This list is constantly being extended, if you're missing something, send me a mai!!


  • Keyboard shortcuts for your units: 1,2,3,4,5,6 will toggle the build or move mode for your walls and towers or instantly spawn a minion.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for your abilities: Q,W,E will toggle your abilities.

All units

  • AOE units get 30% less experience
  • All units get 1% of damage dealt as experience
  • All units get 5% of damage taken as experience
  • All units get XP based on their upgrades and XP levels: at XP level 0 and without upgrades they get 320% experience; for each upgrade and XP level, they get 10% less XP.
  • Armor Formula: Net Damage = Damage * 100/(100+Armor)


  • Chained walls get 20 armor for each wall in the chain, up to a maximum of 200 armor.
  • The armor chain bonus only counts horizontally and vertically, not diagonally


  • Towers get 2% maximum HP per upgrade and XP level (64% max).
  • Towers get 1.5 points of armor per upgrade and XP level (48 max).