Beginners Cheat Sheet


  • Towers can only be placed on walls
  • They block minion movement
  • There has to be one possible path between both cores
  • Walls touching the core or another wall get an armor bonus (chaining)
  • Build cooldown is 10 seconds, halved if wall is chained


  • Each tower can only exist once on the battlefield
  • They can be destroyed and rebuilt
  • Building and moving towers will trigger a cooldown
  • Towers on cooldown cannot move or attack, but will take damage.
  • Building a tower takes longer the more upgrades a tower has, from 2 seconds at the start of a match up to 60 seconds for a fully upgraded tower.


  • Minions move automatically along the shortest path to the enemy core.
  • They will be produced until they've reached their maximum stacks.
  • Minions that reach the enemy core will do their remaining health as damage to the enemy core.
  • Both players can have a maximum of 25 minions on the map; once this minion limit is reached, spawning a new minion will make the foremost explode for its remaining health as damage to all enemies around it.


  • You can upgrade three diffferent stats per unit up to level 5
  • Upgrades will trigger a cooldown during the unit can not be used.
  • Towers on cooldown cannot be built or if already built, they cannot attack or move.
  • Minions on cooldown cannot be spawned and will stop producing; minions already on the map will be not be affected by the upgrade cooldown though.
  • The further you upgrade a unit, the longer its upgrade cooldown becomes - from 5 seconds for the first up to 60 seconds for the last upgrade.
  • The difference between a units highest and lowest stat can not be more than two, which means that you have to upgrade all stats to level 3 before you can get a stat to the maximum level 5.


  • Apart from upgrades, units also gather experience.
  • Units gain xp for dealing damage, for taking damage and for killing enemies.
  • Each experience level increases all their stats, not just the upgradable ones, by 2%.
  • At level 20, the maximum xp level, all stats are boosted by 40%.


  • To use an ability, select it and use it anywhere on the map.
  • Once an ability is used, it will trigger it's cooldown and can only be used again after it's off cooldown again.
  • Most abilities come with a range indicator, so don't just click or tap the map but hold your finger or the mouse button down to aim the ability and maximize their potential!


  • For every match you play, you get coins.
  • With coins, you can permanently unlock towers, minions and abilities to use in your matches.
  • There are 16 different units and abilities freely available every day
  • You also get coins for completing achievements.
  • You can purchase a boost to increase your coin gains.


  • Modifications passively boost your units stats.
  • At the end of each pick phase, you choose a modification page, which is a preconfigured set of modifications; its bonuses will be active for this particular match.
  • You can unlock modifications with coins; once unlocked, you can add them to your modification pages.
  • Tier 1 and tier 2 modifications can be used more than once as there are multiple slots for these in each page; you can add 5 different mods, but you can also choose the same mod to get its bonus five times.